About Us

A mystical word inscribed on a 2000-year-old charm believed to prevent and cure disease. 

Born of necessity and totally original, Jao products are the artful synthesis of ancient pharmacopoeia and modern science, retro package design and global cool. Jao Ltd. is the creation of Gale Mayron, a daughter who got lucky enough to have an amazing chemist for a father. Mayron uses only the very best ingredients in her totally original, niche brand products.  
What you get when you buy Jao? A female owned and operated company. Made in USA. Original point of view. Quality ingredients and formulations that cannot be found anywhere else. Original for a reason.

Jao products are not tested on animals, only us lucky humans. We use only the very best ingredients in our totally original products. When one product does many things, we buy and consume less.

Jao Brand products have become industry standard for makeup artists. Our products have been featured in blogs and publications around the world including Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, GQ, Into the Gloss, New York Magazine, Goop and more. Celebrities love our products! Some of them include: Kelly Ripa,  Sean Avery, Don Lemon, Aidy Bryant, Vivica Fox, Kristin Bell, Taylor Swift and more.

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